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The application of iron oxide in the biomedical field

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Iron oxide has attracted much attention in the biomedical field due to its superparamagnetism, biocompatibility, and chemical stability. The development of nanotechnology has further expanded the application scope of iron oxide, making it play an increasingly important role in the biomedical field.


2. The application of iron oxide in drug delivery


Nano iron oxide particles can serve as drug carriers due to their magnetism, and can achieve precise drug delivery in vivo through the guidance of an external magnetic field. This can improve the efficacy of drugs and reduce damage to normal cells.


3. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent


Iron oxide nanoparticles, as contrast agents in MRI, can enhance the contrast of images and help doctors observe the lesion area more clearly. Especially in tumor imaging, the application of iron oxide contrast agents improves the accuracy of early diagnosis.


4. Magnetotherapy


By utilizing the magnetocaloric effect of iron oxide nanoparticles, heat can be generated under the action of an external alternating magnetic field, selectively killing tumor cells. This method has the advantages of non invasiveness and high selectivity.


5. Biosensors


Iron oxide nanoparticles are also used as signal converters in biosensors for detecting biomolecules such as DNA, proteins, and enzymes. They have shown great potential in disease diagnosis and environmental monitoring.


6. Biological safety and toxicity of iron oxide


Although iron oxide has many applications in the biomedical field, its biological safety and potential toxicity are still the focus of research. The size, shape, and surface modification of nanoparticles can affect their distribution and metabolism in vivo.


7. Conclusion


Iron oxide has shown enormous potential in the field of biomedical applications, especially in drug delivery, imaging, and treatment. Future research needs to further optimize the design of iron oxide nanoparticles, improve their performance, and ensure their safety in clinical applications.


8. Outlook


Future research may focus on developing multifunctional iron oxide nanoparticles and exploring their applications in personalized and precision medicine. Meanwhile, research on the biocompatibility and biodegradability of iron oxide will continue.

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