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Potassium Hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide is a common inorganic base with a chemical formula of KOH and a molecular weight of 56.1. White powder or flake solid, melting point 380 ℃, boiling point 1324 ℃, relative density 2.04 g/cm3, refractive index n20/D 1.421, vapor pressure 1mmHg (719 ℃). Its properties are similar to sodium hydroxide, which is strongly alkaline and corrosive.
  • White Flake

  • 1310-58-3


Product Description

Potassium Hydroxide SPECIFICATIONS




KOH %≥ Min 90
K2CO3 %≤ Max 0.5 0.31
Chloride (Cl) %≤ Max 0.005
Sulfate (SO4 ) %≤ Max 0.002
Nitrate Nitrite (N) %≤ Max 0.0005
Phosphate (PO4) %≤ Max 0.002 0.0016
Silica (SiO3)%≤ Max 0.01 0.0015
Fe%≤ Max 0.0002
Na %≤ Max 0.5
Ca %≤ Max 0.002
Al %≤ Max 0.001 0.00052
Ni %≤ Max 0.0005 0.00025
Pb%≤ Max 0.001 0.0001

Uses of Potassium Hydroxide


Potassium hydroxide is a crucial ingredient in the production of liquid soaps and soft soaps. It is used to saponify fats and oils, which produces the soap and glycerol. The resulting soap is usually softer and more water-soluble than the soap produced by sodium hydroxide.

Fertilizer production

Potassium hydroxide is used to produce various potassium-based fertilizers, such as potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and potassium nitrate. These fertilizers are essential for the growth and development of plants and crops.

Chemical manufacturing

Potassium hydroxide is used in various chemical manufacturing processes, such as the production of potassium permanganate, potassium chlorate, and potassium cyanide. It is also used in the synthesis of various organic compounds, including dyes, and plastics.

Food industry

Potassium hydroxide is used in the food industry as a pH adjuster, emulsifier, and flavoring agent

It is used in the production of various food products, including caramel, chocolate, and beer. It is also used as a leavening agent in the baking industry.

Petroleum industry

Potassium hydroxide is used in the petroleum industry as a catalyst for the production of biodiesel. It is also used in the refining of petroleum and natural gas.


Potassium hydroxide has various other uses, such as in the production of detergents, and photographic chemicals. It is also used in the paper industry as a pulp and paper bleaching agent.

Potassium Hydroxide Packing&Delivery

potassium hydroxide picture  potassium hydroxide picture 1

Potassium hydroxide loading (2)

25kg/bag, 20MT/25MT/20' FCL

Potassium Hydroxide COA&MSDS

QI DI CHEM COA for Potassium Hydroxide.pdf

QI DI CHEM MSDS for Potassium Hydroxide .pdf

Potassium Hydroxide FAQ

1. May I have a sample order?
Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check our quality. Send me your requirement of the product you need. We can provide free sample, you just provide us the freight collect.

2. What is your acceptable payment term?
L/C, T/T, Western Union.

3. How about the validity of the offer?
Usually our offer is valid for 1 week. However, validity might vary between different products.

4. What documents you provide?
Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of lading, COA, MSDS and Origin Certificate. Please let us know if you need additional documents.

5. Which loading port?
Usually loading port is Qingdao port and Shanghai Port, and also we can ship from other ports as your requirement.

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