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What is Sodium Chlorite and How to Buy Sodium Chlorite?

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What is sodium chlorite?


Sodium chlorite is a kind of inorganic compound, the appearance of white crystalline powder, chemical formula for NaClO2, mainly used as bleaching agent, decolorizing agent, cleaning agent, etc.

Physical and chemical properties

There are two kinds of sodium chlorite salt and trihydrate salt. Above 38℃, it is anhydrous, below 38℃, it turns into trihydrate. Sodium chlorite is solid at room temperature, powdery or crystalline in shape, white in color, slightly yellowish green, no irritating smell. The solubility of sodium chlorite in water is good, and the solubility is: 34 at 5℃, 39 at 17℃, 46 at 30℃, 50 at 45℃. A yellow-green solution of sodium chlorite is obtained by dissolving solid sodium chlorite in water. The mass fraction of commonly used sodium chlorite solution is in the range of 20%-30%. Sodium chlorite solution also has no pungent odor.

Sodium chlorite anhydrous matter heated to 350℃ fashion does not decompose, general products because of water, heated to 180 ~ 200℃ decomposition. In the absence of impurities, sodium chlorite is stable even when exposed to sunlight. Alkaline solution of sodium chlorite is stable to light, while acidic solution produces explosive decomposition and releases chlorine dioxide under the influence of light. It is a strong oxidant, oxidation capacity is 4 ~ 5 times of bleaching powder. Sodium chlorite breaks down with acid to produce ClO2:

What are the uses of sodium chlorite?

The main use of sodium chlorite is bleaching agent, used in cotton spinning, flax, pulp bleaching, food disinfection, water treatment, sterilization algae and fish medicine manufacturing. Sodium chlorite can also be used for bleaching and refining sugar, flour, starch, grease and wax, as well as the surface treatment of some metals.

Sodium chlorite can be used as a raw material for preparation of chlorine dioxide and chlorine dioxide currently has become internationally recognized as no secondary pollution to the environment of water treatment agent, hand sanitizer, pulp bleaching agent, leather depilatories, kerosene desulfurization agent, food antistaling agent, fungicide and air purifying agent, is widely used in disinfection of drinking water and industrial water and domestic sewage and industrial wastewater treatment.

Compared with other traditional bleaching processes, sodium chlorite cotton bleaching has the advantages of short bleaching time, integration of cooking and bleaching, small weight loss, soft feel after bleaching, good elasticity, high whiteness and brightness, durability without yellowing, small deformation, low energy consumption, wide variety of suitable, small occupation area and so on.

Chlorine dioxide, produced from sodium chlorite, is approved by the FDA for food disinfection under certain conditions. Aqueous solutions of sodium chlorite have stable bleaching ability under acidic conditions such as citric acid, resulting in short-life acidified sodium chlorite (ASC) with strong decontamination properties. ASC can be used to clean hard surfaces that come in contact with food and to wash a variety of foods, including red meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables.

Sodium dichloride prepared from sodium chlorite can be used for oxidative depilation in leather industry. Sodium chlorite, calcium hypochlorite and zinc oxide can be used for short-term anticorrosion of fresh skin.

How to produce sodium chlorite?

Dissolving sodium chlorate in water to form a solution, adding chlorine dioxide generator, adding the mixture of sulfur dioxide and air and sulfuric acid to chlorine dioxide generator for reaction respectively, the chlorine dioxide gas generated and hydrogen peroxide, liquid caustic soda for reaction, the formation of sodium chlorite solution. Arsenic remover and heavy metal remover were added to the solution to purify the solution. The solution after cooling crystallization, filtration, drying, can become a solid sodium chlorite product.

Where can I buy sodium chlorite? What is the price?

At Changzhou AoZun Composite Material Co.Ltd, we sell sodium chlorite. Click here for quick access to the product details page.

The price of sodium chlorite usually varies according to the price of the raw material. For the latest price, please contact us, we will provide a quotation suitable for your country/region. We export worldwide so you can contact us at email address for a free quote or send a message on WhatsApp for a quick response +86-186-5121-5887.

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