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The uses of aluminum chloride water treatment

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1. Flocculation


One of the main functions of aluminum chloride in water treatment is as a flocculant. When aluminum chloride is added to water containing suspended solids, it reacts with the particles in the water to generate positively charged aluminum hydroxide colloids. These colloidal particles can combine with negatively charged particles in water to form larger flocs, which can be removed from the water through sedimentation or filtration.


2. Remove organic matter and heavy metals


Aluminum chloride is also very effective in removing organic matter and heavy metal ions from water. It reduces the content of organic pollutants and heavy metals in water by forming insoluble complexes with these substances. This is crucial for protecting the environment and human health, as many heavy metal ions are harmful to human health.


3. Application scope


Aluminum chloride is widely used in various water treatment scenarios, including:


3.1 Urban water supply treatment


In urban water supply systems, aluminum chloride is used to remove suspended solids and some organic matter from water sources, improving water supply quality.


3.2 Industrial wastewater treatment


The wastewater generated in industrial production processes contains various harmful substances, and aluminum chloride can effectively coagulate and remove these pollutants, making the wastewater meet discharge standards.


3.3 Circulating cooling water treatment


In industrial circulating cooling water systems, aluminum chloride is used to control scale and corrosion, maintaining the normal operation of the system.


3.4 Oilfield Reinjection Water Treatment


In oilfield operations, aluminum chloride is used to treat reinjection water, remove impurities, and protect oilfield equipment.


4. Safety and environmental considerations


The use of aluminum chloride in water treatment needs to consider its safety and environmental impact. Aluminum chloride has a certain degree of corrosiveness, so appropriate safety measures need to be taken during operation, such as wearing protective clothing and eye masks. In addition, the residual aluminum chloride after use needs to be properly treated to avoid environmental pollution.


5. Green chemistry and alternatives


With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the chemical industry is seeking more environmentally friendly water treatment methods. Although aluminum chloride is an effective water treatment agent, its potential environmental impact has prompted scientists to search for alternatives. For example, developing biodegradable flocculants or utilizing nanotechnology to improve water treatment efficiency.


6. Conclusion


Aluminum chloride has a wide range of applications in water treatment, especially in flocculation, removal of organic matter and heavy metals. However, its safety and environmental impact cannot be ignored. In the future, the chemical industry needs to continue exploring safer and more environmentally friendly water treatment technologies to achieve sustainable development. Nevertheless, aluminum chloride is still one of the indispensable chemicals in many water treatment processes.

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