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The use of decyl glucoside for industrial cleaning

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1The basic characteristics of decyl glucoside


Decyl glucoside is a compound synthesized from decanol and glucose under acidic catalytic conditions, with good water solubility and low surface tension. It has excellent foaming and wetting properties, and can maintain stability in strong acid, strong alkali, and high concentration electrolyte environments.


2Decyl glucoside in industrial cleaning agents


In the field of industrial cleaning, decyl glucoside is mainly used as an active ingredient, providing cleaning and emulsifying capabilities. Due to its high affinity for various oils and dirt, it can effectively remove oil stains, rust, and other industrial stains during metal processing.


3Application field


Metal cleaning: Decyl glucoside can be used to clean metal surfaces, remove oil stains and residues, and is commonly used in the automotive, aviation, and mechanical manufacturing industries.

Industrial bottle washing: In the food and pharmaceutical industry, it is used to clean glass bottles and plastic containers to remove residues and disinfect.

Transport cleaning: used to clean the exterior and interior of transport vehicles, including oil tankers and containers, to remove oil stains and dirt.


4、 Environmental friendliness


The biodegradability of decyl glucoside means that it can be decomposed by microorganisms after use, reducing environmental pollution.




Due to its low toxicity and non irritancy, decyl glucoside can be used in industrial cleaning processes that require high safety standards, such as the cleaning of food processing equipment.


6Formula and Use


Decyl glucoside can be used alone or in combination with other surfactants, solvents, stabilizers, etc. to enhance the cleaning effect. In formulas, it is usually used in conjunction with additives to improve cleaning efficiency and economy.


7Market and Supply


The market demand for decyl glucoside is increasing with the improvement of environmental awareness. Multiple suppliers offer different specifications and contents of decyl glucoside to meet different industrial cleaning needs.




Decyl glucoside, as a green surfactant, has shown great potential for application in the field of industrial cleaning. With the continuous progress of technology and the development of the market, its application scope and efficiency will be further improved.

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