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The use of decanylglucoside cosmetics and personal care products

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1. Cleaning products


1.1 Facial cleansing products


Decayl glucoside, due to its mild nature, is often used in cleansing products to remove facial oils and dirt without causing dryness or irritation to the skin.


1.2 Shampoo and conditioner


In shampoo products, it helps to clean the scalp while maintaining the natural shine and smoothness of the hair.


1.3 Shower Gel


As an active ingredient in shower gel, decyl glucoside can produce rich and delicate foam and gently remove body dirt.


2. Moisturizing products


Because of its moisturizing properties, decyl glucoside is widely used in moisturizing creams, lotion and essence to help skin lock water and maintain the balance of water and oil in the skin.


3. Anti aging products


In anti-aging products, decyl glucoside can be used in combination with other active ingredients such as antioxidants and peptides to improve the overall efficacy of the product.


4. Sunscreen


Due to its good compatibility, decyl glucoside is also suitable for sunscreen products, which helps to improve the dispersibility of sunscreen ingredients and the product's spreadability.


5. Infant care products


For sensitive skin in infants, the mildness and low irritation of decyl glucoside make it an ideal cleaning and care ingredient.


6. Special purpose products


6.1 Products targeting sensitive skin


The gentle cleansing properties of decyl glucoside are particularly important in sensitive skin specific products.


6.2 Medicinal skincare products


In medicinal skincare products, the low irritation and high safety of decyl glucoside make it an ideal auxiliary ingredient.


7. Formula innovation


The multifunctionality of decyl glucoside allows it to replace various traditional surfactants in formulations, reducing the complexity and cost of formulations.


8. Environmentally friendly


As a biodegradable ingredient, decyl glucoside helps reduce the environmental impact of cosmetics.


9. Safety and toxicological considerations


Although decanylglucoside has high safety, appropriate toxicological evaluation and safety testing are still necessary in the product development process.


10. Market trends and consumer preferences


With the increasing demand from consumers for natural and mild products, the market prospects for decyl glucoside are promising.




The multifaceted advantages of decyl glucoside make it an ideal ingredient in the cosmetics and personal care industry. With the deepening of research and the improvement of consumer awareness, it is expected that its application will become more widespread.

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