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The use of ammonium sulfate in medicine and chemical reagents

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The application of ammonium sulfate in the fields of medicine and chemical reagents


Ammonium sulfate (NH4) 2SO4), as an economical and easily obtainable inorganic salt, plays an important role in the fields of medicine and chemical reagents. This article will explore the specific uses, mechanisms of action, and potential impacts of ammonium sulfate in these fields.


Applications in the field of medicine


As a medicinal ingredient


Ammonium sulfate is used as an active or auxiliary ingredient in certain pharmaceutical preparations, especially in the treatment of certain respiratory diseases. Due to its ability to cause reflex secretion in the respiratory tract, it is sometimes used as an expectorant.


As a diagnostic agent


In medical diagnosis, ammonium sulfate is used in certain laboratory tests, such as as as a substrate for certain enzyme reactions, to help diagnose specific metabolic diseases.


As an osmotic diuretic


When treating certain kidney diseases, ammonium sulfate can be used as a diuretic due to its osmotic properties, helping to increase urine output and promote the elimination of toxins in the body.


Application in the field of chemical reagents


PH regulator


Ammonium sulfate is commonly used as a pH regulator in chemical experiments due to its acidic properties, especially in reactions that require maintaining a specific pH value.


buffer solution


Ammonium sulfate can react with ammonia to form ammonium sulfate buffer solution, which is widely used in biochemical and medical laboratories.




In protein purification and analysis, ammonium sulfate is often used as a precipitant due to its ability to induce protein precipitation. By adjusting the concentration of ammonium sulfate, specific proteins can be isolated and purified.




Ammonium sulfate acts as a catalyst in certain chemical reactions, promoting the progress of the reaction. For example, in some organic synthesis reactions, ammonium sulfate can accelerate the reaction rate.


Safety and precautions of ammonium sulfate


Although ammonium sulfate has multiple uses in the fields of medicine and chemical reagents, safety should also be taken into consideration when using it. Inhalation or ingestion of ammonium sulfate may be harmful, therefore appropriate protective measures should be taken during handling.


The Future Trends of Ammonium Sulfate


With the advancement of science and technology, the application of ammonium sulfate in the fields of medicine and chemical reagents may continue to expand. The development of new drugs, the advancement of precision medicine, and the practice of green chemistry may all provide new opportunities for the application of ammonium sulfate.




Ammonium sulfate, as a versatile chemical substance, has a wide range of applications in the fields of medicine and chemical reagents. Its role in drug formulation, diagnosis, protein purification, and other aspects cannot be ignored. However, the safety and environmental impact during its use should also be fully considered. In the future, with the development of technology, the application of ammonium sulfate may become more refined and specialized, making greater contributions to human health and scientific research.



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