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The use of ammonium sulfate in industrial applications

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The Multipurpose Application of Ammonium Sulfate in the Industrial Field


Ammonium sulfate, as a cost-effective inorganic salt, has a wide and diverse range of industrial applications, from chemical agents to textile industry, and even to the extraction of rare earth elements. Ammonium sulfate plays an indispensable role.


Chemical preparations and intermediates


Ammonium sulfate is mainly used as a pH regulator and buffer in chemical preparations. Due to its acidic properties, ammonium sulfate can react with alkaline substances to generate corresponding salts and water, thereby maintaining the required pH value in the chemical synthesis process. In addition, it also serves as a catalyst or promoter for certain chemical reactions, especially in organic synthesis and polymerization reactions.


Applications in the textile industry


In the textile industry, ammonium sulfate is mainly used as a dyeing aid for acidic dyes. It can improve the solubility of dyes, enhance dyeing uniformity, and thus enhance the color brightness and dyeing fastness of textiles. In addition, ammonium sulfate is also used in the washing and deashing process of woolen fabrics, which helps to remove impurities and improve the purity of fibers.


Leather industry


Ammonium sulfate is used as a de liming agent in the leather industry to help remove impurities and fats from animal skins, preparing for subsequent tanning and dyeing processes. Its use can improve the quality and durability of leather.


Extraction of rare earth elements


Ammonium sulfate plays an important role in the rare earth element extraction industry. Through ion exchange, ammonium sulfate can extract rare earth elements from ore and be used to produce various high-tech products, such as electronic devices and superconducting materials.


Electroplating industry


Ammonium sulfate is widely used in the preparation of electroplating solutions due to its good conductivity. It can increase the conductivity of the electroplating solution, improve electroplating efficiency, and make the metal coating more uniform and firm.


Food industry


In the food industry, ammonium sulfate is mainly used as a nitrogen source for yeast production, promoting the growth and reproduction of yeast. In addition, it also serves as a raw material for certain food additives, such as as as part of a bread improver, to increase the volume of bread and improve its texture.


Pharmaceutical industry


Ammonium sulfate is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material or intermediate for certain drugs, especially in the synthesis of certain antibiotics and vitamins.


Flame retardants


Due to its decomposition characteristics at high temperatures, ammonium sulfate is also used as a flame retardant for certain materials, especially in plastics and textiles, to improve their fire resistance.


Environmental protection


Ammonium sulfate also has its unique applications in the field of environmental protection. It can be used as a substitute for nitrogen fertilizer to improve soil fertility, especially in sulfur deficient soils.


Other industrial applications


In addition to the aforementioned fields, ammonium sulfate is also used in the production of chemicals such as alum, sulfuric acid, ammonium bisulfate, and as a component of certain types of battery electrolytes in the battery manufacturing industry.




Ammonium sulfate has a wide range of industrial applications, and its versatility and cost-effectiveness make it an indispensable chemical in many industrial processes. With the development of technology and the emergence of new processes, the application fields of ammonium sulfate are expected to further expand, bringing more possibilities to industrial production. However, the environmental and safety issues during its use cannot be ignored, and reasonable and scientific use and management will be the key to future research and application.



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