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The use of ammonium sulfate for rare earth mining

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The application of ammonium sulfate in rare earth element mining


Rare earth elements (REEs) are a group of 17 chemical elements, including 15 lanthanide elements and scandium and yttrium. They play an extremely important role in modern technology and are widely used in various fields such as electronics, energy, military, medical, and environmental protection. Ammonium sulfate, as an important chemical reagent for extracting rare earth elements, deserves further exploration in its application.


1. The importance of rare earth elements


Rare earth elements are crucial for manufacturing many high-tech products, such as:


Permanent magnet materials: used for electric motors, generators, hard disk drives, etc.

Catalyst: used for petroleum refining, automotive exhaust purification, etc.

Fluorescent materials: used for television and computer displays, fluorescent lamps, etc.

Metal alloys: Improve the properties of alloys, such as strength, heat resistance, etc.


2. Mining of rare earth elements


The mining process of rare earth elements is complex, involving multiple steps such as geological exploration, mining, crushing, leaching, precipitation, purification, etc. Ammonium sulfate plays a crucial role in this process.


3. The role of ammonium sulfate in rare earth mining


Ion exchange


Ammonium sulfate reacts with rare earth elements in the ore through ion exchange, causing the rare earth elements to transfer from the ore to the solution.


Improving leaching efficiency

The addition of ammonium sulfate can improve the leaching efficiency of rare earth elements and reduce resource waste.


Cost reduction


Compared to other chemical reagents, ammonium sulfate is cheaper and helps to reduce mining costs.


Process flow of ammonium sulfate mining rare earth


Ore crushing


Crush the rare earth ore to increase the contact area between the ore and chemical reagents.




Mix the crushed ore with ammonium sulfate solution for leaching reaction.




By adjusting the pH value or adding other precipitants, rare earth elements can be separated from the solution in the form of precipitates.


Filtering and washing


Filter and wash the sediment to remove impurities.




Burn the precipitate to obtain rare earth oxides.


4. Challenges in extracting rare earth elements with ammonium sulfate


Environmental Impact


The use of ammonium sulfate may have certain impacts on the environment, such as soil acidification, water pollution, etc.


Recovery rate of rare earth elements

How to improve the recovery rate of rare earth elements and reduce resource waste is another challenge faced by ammonium sulfate mining of rare earth elements.


Future trends in ammonium sulfate mining of rare earths


With the increasing demand for rare earth elements, the process of ammonium sulfate mining rare earth is expected to be further optimized and improved. The future development trends may include:


Environmentally friendly: Developing more environmentally friendly mining processes to reduce environmental impact.


Improve efficiency: Through technological innovation, improve the leaching and recovery rates of rare earth elements.


Comprehensive utilization of resources: achieving comprehensive utilization of rare earth ores and improving resource utilization efficiency.




The application of ammonium sulfate in rare earth element extraction demonstrates its important value in modern industry. Although there are some challenges, through technological innovation and process optimization, the process of ammonium sulfate mining rare earth is expected to be improved, making a greater contribution to meeting the demand for rare earth elements in society.

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