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The use of ammonium sulfate as fertilizer

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The chemical properties of ammonium sulfate and its fertilizer effect


Ammonium sulfate, with the chemical formula (NH4) 2SO4, is a white crystalline powder with hygroscopicity and variable solubility at different temperatures. It contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur, both of which are essential nutrients for plant growth. Nitrogen is crucial for the growth of green leaves, photosynthesis, and protein synthesis in plants, while sulfur is involved in the composition of various enzymes in plants, playing an indispensable role in improving crop disease resistance and quality.


The application effect of ammonium sulfate


After ammonium sulfate is applied to the soil, ammonium ions and sulfate ions will be absorbed by the plant roots. Ammonium ions are a nitrogen source that plants can directly absorb and utilize, while sulfate ions can provide sulfur elements, helping to regulate soil pH and improve soil structure. The application of ammonium sulfate can promote early crop growth, improve crop yield and quality.


Application method of ammonium sulfate


Ammonium sulfate can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing, and seed fertilizer. As a base fertilizer, it is usually evenly sprinkled in the field before sowing or planting, and then flipped into the soil. As a top fertilizer, ammonium sulfate can be applied multiple times during the growing season according to crop needs. Seed fertilizer is applied to the soil together with the seeds during sowing to promote rapid germination and seedling growth.


The application of ammonium sulfate in different crops


Ammonium sulfate is suitable for various soils and crops. In cereal crops such as wheat and corn, ammonium sulfate can promote tillering and increase the number of grains per spike, thereby increasing yield. In vegetable and fruit crops, the application of ammonium sulfate can increase the vitamin content of fruits and improve their appearance quality. In ornamental plants and landscaping, ammonium sulfate can also promote the lush growth of plants and the bright color of flowers.


Economic benefits of ammonium sulfate


Ammonium sulfate has a relatively low price and is an economically efficient fertilizer. Its widespread application helps to reduce agricultural production costs and improve the economic benefits of farmers. Meanwhile, the application of ammonium sulfate can also reduce environmental pollution because it does not contain heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.


The environmental protection effect of ammonium sulfate


After the application of ammonium sulfate, nitrogen and sulfur elements in the soil are effectively utilized, reducing nitrogen volatilization and loss, and reducing the risk of water pollution. In addition, the application of ammonium sulfate can also improve the soil's water and fertilizer retention capacity, which is conducive to the long-term sustainable use of the soil.


Precautions for the application of ammonium sulfate


Although ammonium sulfate has many advantages, there are also some issues that need to be noted during the application process. Firstly, ammonium sulfate should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers to avoid reactions and reduce fertilizer efficiency. Secondly, timely irrigation should be carried out after the application of ammonium sulfate to promote the uniform distribution of fertilizers in the soil. Finally, the application amount of ammonium sulfate should be reasonably controlled based on soil fertility and crop needs to avoid excessive application leading to soil acidification.




Ammonium sulfate, as an efficient and economical nitrogen fertilizer, plays an irreplaceable role in modern agricultural production. Its reasonable application can not only improve crop yield and quality, but also protect the agricultural ecological environment and promote sustainable development of agriculture. In the future, with the progress of science and technology and the transformation of agricultural production methods, the application of ammonium sulfate will become more refined and intelligent, making greater contributions to the food security of human society and the green development of agriculture.

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