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The application of calcium nitrite in cement concrete

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The basic properties of calcium nitrite

Calcium nitrite (Ca (NO2) 2) is a white or slightly yellow crystalline solid with deliquescence and water solubility properties. Its relative density is 2.53 at 30 ℃, and 2.23 at 34 ℃ (anhydrous state). The melting point of calcium nitrite is 100 ℃, at which point one crystalline water molecule will be lost. The action of this compound in concrete is mainly attributed to its oxidizing and reducing properties, as well as its interaction with other compounds in cement.


The mechanism of action of calcium nitrite in cement concrete can be understood from the following aspects:


Promote cement hardening


Calcium nitrite, as a hardening accelerator, can accelerate the hydration reaction of cement and shorten the setting time of concrete. This is because nitrite ion in calcium nitrite can react with silicate and aluminate in cement to form more C-S-H gel and other hydration products, thus improving the strength and durability of concrete.


Antifreeze performance


In low-temperature environments, the hardening process of concrete can be significantly affected, and may even lead to damage to the concrete structure. The addition of calcium nitrite can improve the frost resistance of concrete, allowing it to maintain a normal hardening process under low temperature conditions. This is because calcium nitrite can lower the freezing point inside the concrete and reduce the destructive effect of ice crystals on the cement matrix.


Rust inhibiting effect


Corrosion of steel bars is one of the main factors affecting the durability of concrete. The anti rust effect of calcium nitrite in concrete is mainly reflected in its ability to form a protective film on the surface of the steel bars, preventing water and oxygen from coming into contact with the steel bars, thereby slowing down or preventing the corrosion process of the steel bars.


The advantages of calcium nitrite


Improving concrete performance


Calcium nitrite can significantly improve the early and final strength of concrete, improve its frost resistance and durability, and thus extend the service life of concrete structures.


Environmentally friendly


Calcium nitrite, as an inorganic compound, does not introduce harmful organic substances and has a relatively small impact on the environment. Meanwhile, the production process of calcium nitrite is relatively simple and resource consumption is low.


economic benefits


Using calcium nitrite as a concrete admixture can effectively reduce the cost of repairing and replacing concrete structures, and has good economic benefits in the long run.


Application Cases in Actual Engineering


In practical engineering projects, the application of calcium nitrite has achieved significant results. For example, in the construction of bridges, roads, and other infrastructure in cold regions, the use of calcium nitrite ensures the normal hardening and long-term stability of concrete under low temperature conditions. In addition, the rust resistance of calcium nitrite is of great significance for protecting reinforced concrete structures from corrosion in marine engineering and chemical facilities.




Calcium nitrite, as a multifunctional concrete admixture, plays an important role in improving concrete performance, extending structural life, and reducing maintenance costs. With the continuous improvement of the requirements for concrete performance, the application of calcium nitrite will become increasingly widespread. Future research should further explore the mechanism of action of calcium nitrite and how to effectively utilize this material to promote the further development of concrete technology.

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