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The application of boric acid in the pharmaceutical industry

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The basic properties of boric acid


Boric acid is a white crystalline powder with a slightly acidic taste and a smooth texture. Its chemical properties are stable and it is not easy to react with other substances, which makes it have a longer shelf life in pharmaceutical products.


The use of boric acid as a disinfectant


Antibacterial properties


Boric acid can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and is therefore often used as a disinfectant in surgical procedures, wound management, and skin infections.


Ophthalmic applications


In ophthalmology, boric acid solution is commonly used to clean and disinfect eye instruments, as well as as as as a therapeutic drug for eye infections.


Gynecological applications


Boric acid is also used in gynecology as a vaginal irritant to help treat and prevent vaginal infections.


The use of boric acid as a preservative


Drug formula

Due to its antibacterial properties, boric acid is often added to drug formulations to extend the shelf life of drugs, maintain their stability and safety.


Medical equipment disinfection

In terms of disinfection of medical equipment, boric acid can prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface of the equipment and reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections.


The application of boric acid in drug manufacturing

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Boric acid can react with other compounds to produce boron compounds with specific therapeutic effects, which are used to treat various diseases.


Drug delivery system

Boric acid can also be used as an auxiliary component in drug delivery systems to help drugs reach target tissues more effectively.


The application of boric acid in the cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment

Cleaning agents

As a cleaning agent, boric acid can effectively remove organic and inorganic substances from medical devices, laying the foundation for subsequent disinfection steps.



During the disinfection process of medical equipment, boric acid can kill bacteria and viruses that may remain on the equipment, ensuring its sterility.


Environmental and safety considerations for boric acid

During the use of boric acid, attention should be paid to its potential environmental and health risks. Reasonable use and strict safety measures are key to ensuring sustainable industrial development.



The application of boric acid in the pharmaceutical industry has greatly improved the performance and safety of medical products. With the progress of medical science and the increasing demand for new drugs, the potential of boric acid will be further explored, bringing more innovation and breakthroughs to the pharmaceutical industry.

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