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The application of boric acid in agriculture

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The basic properties of boric acid


Boric acid is a white crystalline powder with good water solubility. Its chemical properties are stable and it is not easy to react with other substances, which makes it have a longer shelf life and better bioavailability in agriculture.



The use of boric acid as a trace element fertilizer


Promote plant growth


Boric acid is one of the essential trace elements for plant growth. It participates in the formation of plant cell walls and the synthesis of lignin, which is crucial for the normal development of plant roots, stems, and leaves.


Increase crop yield


Research has shown that moderate application of boric acid can significantly increase crop yield. It increases the number of fruits and seeds by promoting the growth of pollen tubes and seed formation.


Improving crop quality


Boric acid can not only increase crop yield, but also improve crop quality. It can promote the uniform ripening of fruits, improve their color and taste, and thus increase the market competitiveness of agricultural products.


Prevention and control of plant diseases


Boric acid also has a certain anti disease effect. It can enhance the plant's disease resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases caused by fungi and bacteria.


The application of boric acid in specific crops


fruit tree


In fruit tree cultivation, the application of boric acid can promote flower bud differentiation, increase fruit setting rate, and prevent fruit cracking and drop.




For vegetable crops, boric acid can promote root development, enhance plant stress resistance, and improve the nutritional value of vegetables.


ornamental plant

In the cultivation of ornamental plants, boric acid helps to increase the quantity and quality of flowers, prolong their flowering period, and increase their ornamental value.


Application method and precautions of boric acid


Application method


Boric acid can be applied to crops through various methods such as foliar spraying, soil application, or mixed application with fertilizers.


matters needing attention


When using boric acid, attention should be paid to its concentration and dosage to avoid excessive application that can cause plant poisoning. At the same time, the application plan should be adjusted reasonably based on the growth stage of crops and soil conditions.


Environmental and safety considerations for boric acid


The use of boric acid needs to consider its impact on the environment and ecosystem. Reasonable use and management measures can minimize its potential environmental risks to the greatest extent possible.




As an important trace element fertilizer, the application of boric acid in agriculture has significant economic and environmental benefits. Through scientific and rational application, boric acid can increase crop yield and quality, promoting sustainable development of agriculture.

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