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Difference Between Sodium Chlorite and Sodium Hypochlorite

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Sodium chlorite and sodium hypochlorite are both common bleaching agents and disinfectants. What are the differences between them?

Their chemical formula and molecular weight are different

(1) The chemical formula of sodium hypochlorite is NaClO and the molecular weight is 74.5.

sodium hypochlorite

(2) The chemical formula of sodium chlorite is NaCIO₂ and the molecular weight is 90.5.

sodium chlorite-7

They have different stability

(1) Sodium hypochlorite is unstable and can be decomposed by light.

(2) Sodium chlorite is relatively stable at room temperature, decomposition and heating at 175℃.

They have different bleaching reaction theory

Sodium hypochlorite reacts with hypochlorite, whereas sodium chlorite reacts with chlorine dioxide.

Other differences

(1) The safety of cotton fiber: the safety of sodium chlorite is good, the safety of sodium hypochlorite is poor.

(2) Whiteness after treatment: sodium chlorite is better, sodium hypochlorite is worse. At present, only sodium chlorite bleaching method can achieve the "crystal clear" effect.

(3) Yellowing degree: sodium chlorite bleaching is rarely yellowing, sodium hypochlorite bleaching is easy to yellowing.

Sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is an excellent bleaching agent, which has a wide adaptability in the textile industry, small fiber strength damage, good impurity removal effect and good whiteness, but its disadvantage is that the equipment and materials require high requirements. The main bleaching component of sodium chlorite is CLO2, which can dissolve lignin and pectin with low molecular weight, but does not oxidize the hydroxyl group of cellulose, but only oxidize the aldehyde group at the end of cellulose molecular bond, and does not cause the fracture of cellulose molecular bond, so it can maintain good strength of fiber.

Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) is also a good bleaching agent, deodorant, is widely used in papermaking, sewage treatment, textile and other industries. As sodium hypochlorite itself is easy to decompose, and the metal ions and impurities in industrial sodium hypochlorite solution aggravate its instability, the production, storage, transportation and use of sodium hypochlorite have caused a lot of difficulties, greatly reduce the effective chlorine content, so that the effect of sterilization, disinfection and bleaching at a discount.

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