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Methylene chloride

Methylene chloride (MC) It is one of the low-boiling-Point industrial solvents that have small ltoxicity, no inflammable.It has good solubility for many resin, waxand fat, soluble in water slightly, easy soluble in other chloro solvent, ethoxyethane and ethanol.
  • 75-09-2


Product Description

Methylene chloride Specifications

Methylene Chloride (MC)  CAS: 75-09-2
Purity ≥ 99.98%
Chroma(APHA) ≤ 5
Water content ≤ 0.008%
Acidity(HCL) ≤ 0.0004%
Residue on evaporation ≤ 0.0015%

Methylene chloride QIDI CHEM

Methylene chloride Application

1.Dichloromethane has the advantages of strong solubility and low toxicity. It is widely used in the manufacture of safe film and polycarbonate. The rest are used as paint solvent, metal degreaser, smoke spray, polyurethane foaming agent, demoulding agent and paint stripper.

2.Dichloromethane, a colorless liquid, is used as a reaction medium in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of ampicillin, benzylpenicillin and cephalosporin. It is also used as solvent, oil dewaxing solvent, aerosol propellant, organic synthesis extractant, polyurethane and other foaming agents and metal cleaning agents in film production.

3.Dichloromethane is mainly used in film production and medicine in China. Among them, the consumption for film production accounts for 50% of the total consumption, medicine accounts for 20% of the total consumption, cleaning agent and chemical industry accounts for 20% of the total consumption, and other aspects account for 10%. Methylene dichloride is also used as a refrigerant in industrial refrigeration systems, but it is very harmful. When it comes into contact with open fire or hot objects, it can produce highly toxic phosgene. When exposed to humid air, hydrogen chloride can be hydrolyzed to form trace amounts. Illumination can also promote hydrolysis and enhance the corrosiveness of metals.

4.It is used for grain fumigation and refrigeration of low-pressure refrigerators and air conditioners.

5.It is used as auxiliary foaming agent in the production of polyether-type urethane foam plastics and as foaming agent for extruded polysulfone foam plastics.

methylene chloride application

Methylene chloride Packing & Delivery

Methylene chloride (MC)/ Dichloromethane

270KG/DRUM, 21.6MT/20'FCL

methylene chloride

methylene chloride

Methylene chloride FAQ

1. May I have a sample order?
Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check our quality. Send me your requirement of the product you need. We can provide free sample, you just provide us the freight collect.

2. What is your acceptable payment term?
L/C, T/T, Western Union.

3. How about the validity of the offer?
Usually our offer is valid for 1 week. However, validity might vary between different products.

4. What documents you provide?
Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of lading, COA, MSDS and Origin Certificate. Please let us know if you need additional documents.

5. Which loading port?
Usually loading port is Qingdao port and Shanghai Port, and also we can ship from other ports as your requirement.

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