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What is the relationship between Sodium bicarbonate and Sodium thiosulfate ?

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Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate, a common name for sodium bicarbonate, is a white fine crystal. Its solubility in water is less than that of sodium carbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is weak alkaline when it dissolves in water.

Sodium bicarbonate is widely used.

l It can be directly used as raw material in pharmaceutical industry to treat hyperacidity. It can also be used in film making, tanning, mineral processing, smelting, metal heat treatment, as well as in the fiber and rubber industries.

l One of the most widely used loosening agents in food industry is used to produce biscuits, pastries, steamed bread, etc. It is a carbon dioxide generator in soda drinks. It can be compounded with alum as alkaline fermentation powder or with soda as civil lime. It can also be used as butter preservative.

l Fire fighting equipment is used for the production of acid and alkali fire extinguishing agents and foam extinguishing agents.

l Rubber industry uses it with alum, H blooming agent to play the role of uniform blooming for rubber, sponge production. Metallurgical industry is used as flux for ingot casting.

l Machinery industry is used as forming aids for casting steel (sand turning) sand moulds.

l Printing and dyeing industry is used as fixing agent, acid-base buffer and rear treatment agent for dyeing and finishing of fabrics. The addition of baking soda in dyeing can prevent the yarn from producing colored flowers.

l Pharmaceutical industry is used as raw material of acid-making agent.

Sodium thiosulfate

Sodium thiosulfate is the common name of sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3. 5H2O), also known as "Haibo". Soda is a colorless and transparent crystal, with weak alkalinity, soluble in water, but not in alcohol.

Sodium thiosulfate is obtained by co-cooking sodium sulfite and sulphur in industrial use and refined by recrystallization.

Sodium bicarbonate has strong complexing ability and can form complex with silver bromide. During phase washing, excessive soda reacts with silver bromide in the non-photosensitive part of the film and converts into soluble Na3 [Ag (S2O3) 2], removing AgBr and fixing the developing part.

Soda also has strong reducibility and can reduce chlorine and other substances. Na2S2O3+4Cl2+5H2O=H2SO4+2NaCl+6HCl

so it can be used as dechlorination agent for bleached cotton fabric. Similarly, iodine stains on fabrics can also be removed.

In addition, soda is also used for tanning leather, electroplating and extracting silver from ores.

Sodium thiosulfate

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