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The application of boric acid in the ceramic and enamel industry

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The application of boric acid in the ceramic and enamel industry


The basic properties of boric acid


Orthoboric acid (H3BO3) is a white crystalline solid with good water solubility and thermal stability. Its chemical properties make it an ideal additive in the ceramic and enamel industry.


The application of boric acid in the ceramic industry


Improve molding performance


The addition of boric acid can reduce the viscosity of ceramic slurry, improve its fluidity, and thus improve the molding efficiency and yield.


Increase firing temperature

Boric acid, as a flux, can lower the firing temperature of ceramics, save energy consumption, reduce thermal stress during the firing process, and reduce the risk of product cracking.


Enhance mechanical performance

In ceramic products, boric acid can form a glass phase, fill grain boundaries, and thereby enhance the mechanical strength and wear resistance of the product.


Improve chemical corrosion resistance


Boric acid can improve the chemical corrosion resistance of ceramic materials, making them suitable for the chemical industry and laboratory equipment.



The application of boric acid in the enamel industry


Improvement of glaze formula


The addition of boric acid can optimize the formula of enamel glaze, making it have better coating properties and adhesion.


Reduce firing temperature


The use of boric acid reduces the firing temperature of enamel glaze, which helps to reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.


Improve glossiness and transparency


Boric acid can improve the glossiness and transparency of enamel products, making them more decorative and aesthetically pleasing.


Enhance heat and chemical resistance


After adding boric acid to enamel products, their heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance are significantly improved, making them suitable for various complex environments.


Environmental and safety considerations for boric acid


During the use of boric acid, attention should be paid to its potential environmental and health risks. Reasonable use and strict safety measures are key to ensuring sustainable industrial development.




The application of boric acid in the ceramic and enamel industry has greatly improved the performance and production efficiency of products. With the advancement of materials science and industrial technology, the potential of boric acid will be further explored, bringing more innovation and breakthroughs to these industries.

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